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Bully teacher gets owned by young girl

A Russian teacher who bullies a young female student gets what he deserves.
Bully teacher gets owned by young girl

Bully teacher gets owned by young girl

It’s a horrible site. If you were an elementary student a few decades ago, then you might be familiar with the site of seeing a teacher over using their power and title to bully and belittle a young student. In this case we see a very young girl, possibly in elementary school being embarrassed in front of a classroom full of other classmates. But sometimes, enough is enough and we get to see the bully teacher getting owned by the young child.

What is presumably to be a Russian classroom - the teacher is yelling, screaming, loud and irritated. The student is just standing there quietly not saying a word. Even if he were yelling, just a for a few seconds, his actions were obviously too much.

But it gets even worse than verbal abuse when the teacher physically touches the student by pointing his fingers into the child’s head. Regardless of that the student did or said, the grown adult should know that we he did was uncalled for.

Bully teacher gets owned by young girl

So what happens next? Like a boss, the young girl slaps the teacher’s hands away and kicks him right between the legs. The teacher bends over in agony and the young student proceeds to run and leave the classroom.

Although violence should never be condoned in the classroom or outside, this is one scenario where the student had to defend herself from an abusive teacher. There’s been a history of rough teachers throughout time, but we no longer live in the Dark Ages.

Many comments gave the young student a lot of props for what she did and standing up for herself. One comment said “Kudos also go to the girl's parents for teaching her proper self defense skills against testosterone charged and power hungry teachers.” Another one went as far as saying that “This teacher should also be slapped with jail time for aggravated assault and breach of trust.”

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Clyde Erwin Barretto is an emphatic obsessed fan of mixed martial arts, combat sports and body movement. Follow him on Twitter @ClydeBarretto.

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