Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bruce Lee was a martial arts film icon as well as being a pioneer in the martial arts world. He is one of the first guys to popularize martial arts in the west. Lee comes from a wing chun background originally but is also credited with creating his own martial arts style – jeet kune do (JKD).

Jeet kune do is a concept based martial arts system that borrows techniques from many different martial arts. It then focuses these martial arts in four ranges – punching, kicking, grappling, and trapping. Very similar to what you see in today’s MMA. There is even an argument to be made that without Bruce Lee popularizing martial arts in America, there wouldn’t even be MMA to begin with.

In this video from popular channel fightTIPS, they go over Bruce Lee top 5 signature JKD moves and break down how to do them.


1. Lop Sao backfist – the premise behind this technique is to basically move you opponents hand out of the way to deliver a quick, jab strike. More of a distracting blow than a finishing strike.

2. Stamp kick – very similar to the oblique kick seen in today’s MMA. Can be used to set up other techniques.

3. Stepping in sidekick – a very powerful kick with a lot of momentum behind it. Used more to create distance. Bruce Lee is famously known to be able to make a heavy bag bounce off the ceiling with this technique.

4. Scissor kick sweep – Now this along with other leg sweep techniques doesn’t seem too practical nor the best way to take someone down. However in it’s defense Ryo Chonan used a similar sweep successfully in his fight with Anderson Silva back in PRIDE.

5. One inch punch – This is probably the most iconic Bruce Lee move and while practicing to generate power in a short amount of space could be beneficial I just don’t think this is a very effective technique. It is not the correct way to punch and you would generate much more power from a longer distance.

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