Tuesday, October 02, 2018

This video features Conor McGregor fighting Bruce Lee in the EA game UFC 2. The matchup has long been the subject of fantasy on the part of MMA fans. Bruce is considered the father of MMA and an avid student of all movement forms.

McGregor is arguably the greatest contemporary MMA fighter and describes his own relationship with movement as an obsession. In addition, both had devastating striking styles.

For some reason, Bruce Lee is introduced as an American in the game. When the fight begins, both men are striking aggressively.

Bruce lands a lot of boxing techniques that seem a little foreign to his repertoire and McGregor throws a lot of Muay Thai style head kicks, rather than the karate and Taekwondo style elliptical kicks he prefers in real life.

Conor McGregor vs. Bruce Lee

But that's simply a product of game mechanics. They did program in a leaping jab for Bruce Lee that well represents his movement.

Eventually, McGregor finishes a single leg and takes Bruce down. Who would have thought? But Bruce is able to defend himself from guard and stand up. They strike aggressively again until McGregor lands the same single leg takedown again. Bruce stands up again and they are back to striking.

One especially realistic feature is the deafening McGregor chants from the crowd. Then suddenly Bruce shoots in for a takedown, is swept by Conor, but then takes Conor’s back with an arm drag from full guard. He fails to complete the choke, but gets up and begins pounding on McGregor. McGregor rolls, but cannot protect himself and Lee takes the TKO victory.

It's exciting to watch the two legends go at it even if the finish and grappling exchanges are somewhat unrealistic. It’s unlikely that either man would initiate grappling in real life, as both are confident strikers and relatively inexperienced on the ground.