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David gives up 150 pounds vs. 385 pound Goliath - ends FAST

Goliath is 120 pounds above the UFC's highest weight limit
David gives up 150 pounds vs 385 pound Goliath - Ends FAST

David gives up 150 pounds vs 385 pound Goliath - Ends FAST

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David vs. Goliath

The UFC may not host open weight or super heavyweight fights, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still watch these David vs. Goliath scenarios play out in other organizations.

The UFC’s heavyweight division has a weight cap of 265 lbs, and while that may sound like some colossal mass, it’s merely a fraction of the size of super heavyweights like Tomasz Czerwinski, who weighs in at a staggering 385 lbs.

In a mixed martial arts bout contested in UK organization, UCMMA, Mark Potter gave up a whopping 150 lbs in his fight with the gargantuan Czerwinski, but it took a mere jab in the very first round to chop the giant down to size— sending him crashing to the canvas. The fight was stopped soon thereafter when Potter landed several unanswered strikes on the ground— proving once more that being larger does not necessarily ensure victory in a fight. In fact, a watered-down talent pool is a chief reason why a super heavyweight division is such a rarity in mixed martial arts today. Few men exceed 265 lbs, and fewer yet are skilled fighters.

The bout proved a great throwback to Pride or even early open weight UFC tournaments, where we watched in awe as smaller men like Keith Hackney toppled giants like Emanuel Yarbrough. We can look back much further than that, however, as gladiators in ancient civilizations even battled against incredible odds for the amusement of the crowd.

It seems that little has changed throughout history and the great spectacle of the ‘freak-show fight’ is still very much alive and well.


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