Female MMA fighter wins with vicious triple head kick KO

Monday, August 13, 2018

One of the many great things about the sport of mixed martial arts is that, as a spectator, you never know when you are going to witness something you've never seen before. The nature of MMA is such that there are so many variables, eventually a fight occurs in which all the factors involved add up to a spectacular sequence or finish that looks straight out of a video game.

Female MMA fighter wins with vicious triple head kick KO

On April 21, 2016, Istela Nunes de Souza squared off against fellow Brazilian Karoline Martins Moreira at Festival de Lutas de CUFA 2 at Quadra da Central Unica das Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Both fighters entered the cage with three wins and no losses , but in the end, one would leave with their undefeated record intact and the other would leave with a bad headache and  a lifetime spent on the wrong end of their opponent's highlight reel.

It was anyone's fight going into the third round, as neither fighter was particularly fatigued and both were relatively fresh. Shortly after the halfway point in the round, Nunes delivers a left head kick that is partially blocked, but still rattles Moreira. Nunes immediately uncorks a second left head kick that leaves Moreira even more scrambled. Finally, Nunes delivers a third consecutive unanswered head kick that landed flush and sends Moreira crashing to the mat, ending the fight at 3:00 of the third round and showing the world that triple head kicks aren't just for button mashing gamers anymore.

Jeff Warsaw is the former executive editor of Long Island MMA Magazine, professional combat sports public address announcer for several NY/NJ MMA and kickboxing promotions, and a proud one-stripe white belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under the famed Joe D’Arce. He is currently a musician, coffee enthusiast and host of the Stranger In A Strange Land podcast on YouTube.