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WATCH: Georges St-Pierre training in kyokushin karate at age 13

Georges St-Pierre training in Kyokushin Karate at age 13
georges st-pierre

Jun 5, 2019; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Montreal Impact honours mixed martial arts fighter Georges St-Pierre before the second half against Seattle Sounders at Stade Saputo. Mandatory Credit: Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Georges St-Pierre is one of the greatest talents to ever competed in the UFC. But long before he started fighting MMA and became known as 'Rush', GSP first trained in the traditional Japanese martial art of Kyokushin karate, which we see in the video below.

In the video, we see a 13-year-old GSP performing a 'kata,' which is a part of karate training where you practice a set pattern of movements and techniques in order to develop perfect form and technique.

While the effectiveness of practicing karate kata is questionable, Kyokushin karate is known as one of the more effective styles of karate. That is most likely due to its emphasis on sparring and competition, which is lacking in many other traditional martial arts.

Watch Georges St-Pierre as a 13-year-old karate student

As previously stated, Kyokushin karate was GSP's first martial art, which he originally started training in to defend himself against a school bully. After the unfortunate passing of his karate teacher, the future UFC legend turned his sights towards MMA, specifically grappling, and the rest is history.

St-Pierre finished his MMA run with a record of 26-2. In that time he won UFC championships in both the welterweight and middleweight divisions. However, he will go down as one of the greatest 170-pound fighters in promotion history after winning the title on two occasions, and defending it nine times.

The Canadian scored victories over some of the greatest welterweights of his era, including Josh Koscheck (twice), Matt Hughes (twice), Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit, and Jake Shields.