150lb BJJ purple belt vs. MASSIVE 250lb bodybuilder

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Out of all the martial arts out there for taking on a larger opponent, BJJ is by far the most effective of all and it isn’t even close.

Don’t forget the first UFC all the way back in 1993, where the smallest guy in the tournament, Royce Gracie, dominated his much larger opponents using proper leverage and technique instead of brute force.

He wasn’t fighting completely unskilled opponents either. By today’s standards, they’re not on par but nevertheless, guys like Gerard Gordeau, Ken Shamrock, Patrick Smith and Kimo Leopoldo were still skilled, dangerous guys and way bigger than Royce and he made it look easy.

In this video, much like the first few UFCs, we see a much smaller BJJ practitioner dominating a bodybuilder who is way bigger than himself – 100lbs so!

This friendly challenge match took place at Guy Mezger’s gym in Texas. The BJJ practitioner’s name is Matheus Gabriel and he is a purple belt who is also allegedly a world champion.

Matheus is also very young – twenty years old and only 150lbs. While his opponent, the bodybuilder, is 250lbs – that’s near twice the size of the young man.

All that bulk and time lifting weights proved to be utterly worthless here, at least when it comes to fighting ability. The 20-year-old purple belt taps him out every which way throughout this video.

In the bodybuilder’s defense, though, at least he proved to have a good attitude about this whole thing and was a good sport about it.

Also, if the bodybuilder started training in BJJ and was as consistent with it as he clearly is with his weight lifting, he could probably give the purple belt a lot of problems eventually with his size and strength; of course, only once he learned the proper technique as well as how to use his weight properly.

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