Thursday, October 20, 2016

Many martial arts, particularly in the TMA space, claim to have the answer to easily dispatching much larger foes. Of all the martial arts out there though Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is probably the best for beating bigger opponents because it relies on leverage and technique opposed to brute force. Despite what the movies tell us it’s not karate or kung fu or other striking-based arts.

In striking martial arts like kickboxing for example, it is quite common for a bigger opponent to overwhelm even the most skilled strikers. Just look at Bob Sapp versus Ernesto Hoost from back in the day. Ernesto Hoost is arguably one of the best kickboxers ever and Bob Sapp finished him twice with pretty sloppy technique. He was just way bigger and stronger. Meanwhile a grappler like Minotauro was able to beat Sapp in MMA competition using jiu-jitsu and toughness.


In this YouTube video we get to see that same type of thing play out with BJJ being used effectively by a much smaller competitor. This video features a 17-year-old BJJ competitor named Michael Arrieta, who only weighs about 155lbs, taking on a 340lb wrestler. That’s more than twice his size!

And it’s not like his opponent is unskilled. Though we don’t know much about his wrestling background, wrestlers (especially bigger wrestlers) can be very hard to deal with especially in grappling. They are experts at controlling others and determining where the match takes place.

Early on in the video we see the wrestler power double his smaller foe to the ground, where Michael is able to get full guard. From there Michael brings his legs up for what looks like a triangle attempt but it could be used just to set up his next attack – the armbar. His much larger foe is forced to tap out and the smaller man wins this one quite easily, using leverage and technique.

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