Aikido practitioner pulls off cool move in BJJ tournament

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Aikido is one of those martial arts that looks really cool in the movies but seldom seems to hold up against legitimate competition.

However, sometimes we get glimpses here and there of some aikido techniques, like Steven Seagal-type wrist lock stuff, actually looking kind of legit for a change and like it may actually be effective in certain situations.

This video from YouTube channel AikidoSiauliai is an example of one of those such times. In the video we see a 3rd Dan black belt in Aikido compete in BJJ and he is actually able to sort of pull off an Aikido move.

The move is called a ‘Kotagaeshi wrist lock’ and as we see early on in the video, while he isn’t able to get the finish with this technique, it does set up a takedown for the Aikido practitioner which he uses to get top position on the ground.

While the Aikido practitioner still ends up losing this one, in the end, it is still cool to see a Steven Seagal-esque Aikido move work on any level in modern BJJ.

Like it says in the video too, the Aikido guy’s opponent had been grappling for much longer than him as well. Check out the video below to see him pull off the ‘Kotagaeshi’ and see the submission which ends the contest and forces the Aikido practitioner to tap out.

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