Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pride is always at stake when you pit two men against each other in a grappling battle, but even more so when one is from the army and the other is a marine!

According to one of the youthful looking participants in the video, this impromptu grappling match-up occurred at AIT in Ft. Lee in Virginia during a break in training a few years ago.

In a field surrounded by their peers, the man representing the army in the darker camouflage and the marine in the lighter camo with his sleeves rolled up prepare to get down to business.

Army Marine GrapplingThey tie up and army attempts an old schoolyard headlock, but the marine has no problem countering that with a takedown to secure an advantageous position.

Army continues to hold the headlock even though it’s essentially useless at this stage, and as he moves to his knees in turtle position the marine is able to take his back.

They scramble as the marine begins hunting for a rear-naked choke submission, but army is able to throw him off.

Army now goes on the offensive as the marine resets on his knees, first thinking about a guillotine choke, but then transitioning to his back and dropping back with a rear-naked choke attempt.

His positioning isn’t quite right though and so the marine is still able to hang on in there, though adding to his woes is the fact that a female on the sidelines is now heckling him, asking if he’s a pussy.

The marine rolls onto his front, which only makes matters worse for him as army starts to flatten him out and applies the choke, forcing him to submit soon after.

So, army wins bragging rights this time around, but there’s good-natured handshakes all-round afterwards and everyone lives to fight another day.

Truth be told, both guys technique could use a lot of work, but in all fairness they were young and still in training at the time, so as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect!

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