‘Indian’ bully choked out at the plantation with jiu-jitsu

Friday, June 24, 2016

In this just released clip from 2010, Joe Lauzon and his friends visit Plymouth Plantation just prior to Lauzon’s fight a UFC 118 in Boston, MA.

At a trip to the historic landmark, one of Joe’s friends gets lured into a grappling match with a big ‘Indian’ bully and has to teach him a lesson. The actual grappling match starts at 1:12 of the video:

As the video begins, Lauzon explains exactly what happened on that summer day:

Joe Lauzon: In 2010, the UFC came to Boston for UFC 118. I fought Gabe Ruediger and BJ Penn was on the card. He came out to my gym. He wanted to see some historic stuff, so we took him to Plymouth Plantation. And basically Plymouth Plantation is supposed to be where Christopher Columbus landed and all that kind of stuff, but they have people that are basically paid to play or act like they are Indians.

So we are there, we meet some of the Indians. They know who I am, they know who BJ was. And they are trying to get us to have a grappling match against one of their guys who was a bigger guy. He was kind of bullying the other guys. They thought it would be pretty funny to get him tapped out. We are not gonna do it because obviously we are both fighting that weekend and it’s just not a good idea. But my friend Chris was with us. He’s definitely a bad ass and a real good grappler and he’s like “I’ll do it, whatever.’ So Chris goes with the guy and first they some kind of weird balance drill thing and the other guy beats Chris, which is fine. And then he wants to do the actual grappling match. And he says it ends when Chris taps out, but Chris had other ideas. So you can check it out and this guy was 100% into it. It’s not like we were picking on him, he was huge.