Chael Sonnen gets slapped during scuffle at grappling event

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Last week at a grappling event in Portland, things got a little out of hand when grapplers Jake Shields and AJ Agazarm came to blows and, surprisingly enough, it was actually Chael Sonnen who ended up getting slapped.

As we can see in the video below, Chael Sonnen, who promotes the Submission Underground grappling event, is interviewing Jake Shields when AJ Agazarm is brought into the picture and tensions boil over right there in the cage.

For those not aware, Shields and Agazarm do have a history which dates back to April of last year where Shields struck Agazarm with an open-hand strike. We see Shields reference this in the video below and Agazarm responds by feinting a movement at Shields then all hell breaks loose.

Chael Sonnen gets slapped during scuffle at grappling event
Chael Sonnen gets slapped during scuffle at grappling event

Chael actually does a pretty good job of separating the feuding pair and de-escalating the situation but still ends up eating a couple of slaps for his trouble from Shields, who was clearly trying to hit AJ.

Aside from the scuffle, Sonnen’s Submission Underground 6, which is apart of the Flograppling network, was an overall success with Jake Shields defeating Gilbert Burns in the main-event by escaping in the least amount of time in the overtime rounds.

Also on the card in the co-main event slot were former UFC heavyweights Fabiano Scherner who took on former UFC heavyweight champion, Tim Sylvia, who Scherner defeated via wrist-lock at 4:47 of regulation time.

As for Chael Sonnen, aside from promoting grappling events like the one we see here, you can also find him competing in Bellator where is currently 1-1 in the promotion, sporting a first-round submission loss to Tito Ortiz followed by a unanimous decision win over longtime rival and legend of the sport, Wanderlei Silva.

Chael will also be competing in Bellator’s heavyweight tournament which is slated to take place over 2018. Sonnen will certainly be undersized in the tournament and a big underdog, but you can never count out ‘The American Gangster.’

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