Cris Cyborg slams Tito Ortiz to the mat during training session

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Ask any MMA fan who is the most feared fighter in the history of Women’s MMA and chances are the name of Cris ‘Cyborg’ will come up.

Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Justino is a Women’s MMA legend. The former Strikeforce Women’s Featherweight champion currently holds the Invicta FC Women’s Featherweight belt, and has not tasted since her first pro fight, back in 2005.

Cris Cyborg goes into beast mode against Tito Ortiz
Cris Cyborg goes into beast mode against Tito Ortiz

Cyborg is a versatile fighter who primarily shines in the striking department. A product of the legendary Chute Boxe team, her Muay Thai skills are as refined as it gets. Coupled that with a blitzkrieg style of fighting and it’s no wonder Cyborg has found herself involved in some of the most brutal one-sided beatdowns in MMA history.

Cyborg is a machine, simply put. It makes no doubt that her rigorous training regimen has made her the feared fighter she is today. While most women fighters train with women (duh, I know) Cyborg isn’t afraid to throw down with MALE fighters, and it has been heavily hinted over the years that she went as far as to knock some men out.

Well, that wouldn’t surprise me. I mean, just look at how she fares against MMA pioneer Tito Ortiz in the following footage.

Cris Cyborg had decided to amp her training up by training with Tito Ortiz, back in 2009. Now, Ortiz is a BIG Light-heavyweight fighter. That didn’t prevent Cyborg from holding her own.

Ortiz quickly secures a takedown and they scramble on the ground. Eventually, Ortiz catches Cyborg in a pretty deep guillotine choke, but she manages to escape. Ortiz later locks a triangle choke on her. What’d you do if one of the best ground specialists in the history of the sport had you caught in a triangle? Why, body slam him, of course. At least that’s what Cyborg did. She casually picks up Ortiz (who was around 80 pounds heavier than her!) and slams him on the ground.

Wow. If Cyborg is able to do that to much, MUCH larger men, imagine what she’s capable of doing to women her size. Yep, that’s why she is the most feared female fighter ever.