Guy challenges Jiu-Jitsu woman 100lbs smaller – ends in seconds

Friday, December 22, 2017

Of all the martial arts out there for taking on a larger opponent, BJJ (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) is by far the best. This is because it focuses on using leverage and technique instead of brute force to overcome opponents of all shapes and sizes.

The same can be said for women looking to defend themselves against men who are going to be larger and physically much stronger the vast majority of the time. It is quite common in BJJ for a woman to beat a lesser skilled man, even if she is outsized by quite a large margin. This would obviously translate well to self-defense applications too, even more so than traditional martial arts or regular self-defense type training.

In this video from GRAPPLER’S PLANET, we see an example of the power of jiu-jitsu as a woman who clearly grapples is able to overcome a much larger man WHO CHALLENGES HER! Not very classy if that’s what really happened.

Guy challenges BJJ woman who is 100lbs smaller - ends in seconds
Guy challenges BJJ woman who is 100lbs smaller – ends in seconds

According to the video description,

“Here is a video for the haters that say I can’t perform moves in live time because a man will be stronger and more powerful than me. This guy bet me I would not be able to sub him because he had a 100-pound size advantage on me.

My girl @dianamaddalon (who filmed this video) replied to his challenge before I could and said she’ll take you no problem! ???? It took me 30 seconds to get the choke.”

As we can see in the video, it doesn’t take long at all for the woman BJJ practitioner to overcome her male foe. She drags him to the ground then quickly takes his back and effortlessly applies the rear-naked choke.

Maybe next time this guy will think twice about challenging a woman, let alone anyone for that matter, after being served this hefty dose of humble pie.

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