Friday, September 08, 2017

Amazing. Brutal. Savage.

Those are just some of the qualifiers you could use to describe Alexandre Veira’s submission win at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tokyo 2017 event, a tournament pitting world-class grappling competitors in Gi matches. It is certainly the most awesome choke I’ve ever seen.

Vieira’s match starts with his opponent trying to pull guard but failing to do so. After some good ole butt scoot action, Vieira quickly passes guard and takes the back in one swift move. After a nice scramble, Vieira goes for his opponent’s neck. And he does so like a freaking alligator.

Vieira is now setting up a loop choke, a technique that’s performed by grabbing your opponent’s collar (that is, you’d, for instance, grab the right side of your opponent’s collar with your right hand) and going over his head with the same arm’s bicep. It’s a powerful choke that’s hard to escape if you secure it properly. And Vieira’s foe is about to learn just that in a pretty terrifying way.

Is this the most brutal choke ever?
Is this the most brutal choke ever?

Vieira has the choke secured with his left hand but the man is tricky and uses his right hand to grab his opponent’s right leg behind the knee. He basically has him in a fireman carry position now. Vieira gets on his knees, lifts up his foe and slams in on the ground.

Boom. Done. Vieira’s opponent is essentially out cold before even hitting the mat. Talk about straight devastation.

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