Leglock Ninja teaches an amazing flying heel hook

Friday, April 01, 2016

A heel hook is considered by most to be the most dangerous submission in all of grappling. It is actually banned from competition in gi jiu-jitsu as the pants make the move even more dangerous and nearly inescapable.

Several top level fights have used this submission to devastating effects including Rousimar Palhares and Masakuza Imanari.

When applied correctly, an inside heel hook can cause severe damage the knee, attacking several ligaments important for mobility and strength in the knee. It is extraordinarily dangerous as often there is not a lot of pain leading up the moment damage is done. In short, once you feel a lot of pain, it’s too late.

In this video, Kenny Lovetere, or the ‘Leglock Ninja’ demonstrates how to put yourself in position to apply this submission from a standing position. It is a ‘flying leg lock’.

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As Lovetere explains, the setup begins by clubbing your opponent hard around the neck and then grabbing an under hook tie up with the opposite arm. Once he has the tie up, he jams his head into the neck/jawline of his opponent. From there he grabs opposite side wrist control.

Next he pulls his opponent toward him to force the leg he wants to attack closer. At this point is where the ‘flying’ comes in. Lovetere jumps sideways tucking his far leg behind his opponent and lacing the legs, while the other meets it in a ‘triangle’ position. This forces his opponent to the mat and into a perfect inside heel hook position.

To finish the submission, Lovetere hooks around his opponents heel with his forearm, clasps his hands, and then in a twisting motion drags his opponents foot across his body for a tapout.

Kenny Lovetere trains under Joe Lauzon at Lauzon MMA in Easter, MA and was recently named the third most dangerous foot lock expert in submission grappling.