Muay Thai champion puts on kimono to fight judo player

Friday, February 05, 2016

Bernueng Sakhomsin is a legend in the sport of Muay Thai having won the Rajadmnern Stadium Muay Thai Championship belt and fought for every major Muay Thai promotion in Thailand. Bernueng was also one of the first Thai fighters to cross over into the sport of MMA when he competed in China for the Art of War promotion facing Dai Shaung hai and jadamba narautangalag.

In this video Bernueng is facing Kob Chalermsak who was a member of the Thai National Judo Team.  This is their second match of the day.  During the first match Kob was able to utilize an ippon throw and maintain position control to win the BJJ Match on points.

Do you think this match would have had a different outcome if strikes like punches, knees, kicks, and elbows were allowed to be used?