Sunday, June 12, 2016

According to this video, on May 19th a The Blaze editor traveled to California to battle a Navy Seal. The editor Jason Howerwon is a 180 lbs. The navy seal was 230 lb. Jocko Willinik.

The reporter had tweeted to Willinik to challenge him to a fitness challenge and Willinik responded that the two should grapple. The editor accepted and flew out to meet Willinik.

To even things up, Willinik started with his back on the ground and the reporter standing above him. The reporter jumped on the Navy Seal and was almost immediately swept. In the next round, Willinik took the reporter down quickly, landing in side cross and submitting the editor with a neck crank.

In the third round the two engaged in some hand fighting before Willinik picked up the reporter and dragged him to the ground fairly easily.

The two continued grappling with the same result, Willink dominating the reporter completely. In the final round, Willinik grabbed a strong guillotine choke and put the report unconscious.

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