Shields Stockton Slaps Agazarm 3 times, calls him b****

Sunday, April 03, 2016

The professional grappling event Polaris 3 ended with an unsatisfying number of draws.

Main Card (15 mins submission only)
Rousimar Palhares vs. Garry Tonon – DRAW
​AJ Agazarm vs. Jake Shields – DRAW
Augusto Tanquinho vs. Eddie Cummings – DRAW
Geo Martinez vs. Dan Covel – DRAW
Joao Miyao vs. Yukinori Sasa – DRAW
UnderCard (10 mins submission only)
Keith McKenzie beat Jeff Lawson by SUB – McKenzie by Palm to palm choke.
Greg Creel vs. Vinicius de Castro – DRAW
Alain Pozo beat Micah Atkinson by Sub Pozo 
Ben Dyson beat Travis “Newaza” by Sub
dam Adshead vs. Phil Harris – DRAW

When every match on the main card ends in a draw, something needs to be changed. It was not that the matches were boring stalemates. In fact, many were extremely exciting. One match, Jake Shields vs. AJ Agazarm, very nearly turned into a fight.

Shields dominated in the opening, going for a Guillotine, passing to Mount, and taking the back. When Agazarm escaped to standing, he got Stockton slapped, twice.

Time was called to let things cool, and when it restarted it was rough Jiu-Jitsu, with Shields again dominating.

When time ran out, Agazarm went to shake hands, and Shields slapped him once again.

Afterwards, Shields explained he felt the need to slap his opponent repeatedly.

“This guy was talking crap the whole time, gouging my eyes,” said Shields, as transcribed by BJJEE. “I just had my eye gouged for the first time in my life my last fight and now you got this prick doing the same thing. He was bragging yesterday, ‘I’m gonna try and make it a draw, I’m gonna try to make it a draw. I know I can’t beat you, but if I can make it a draw I’m gonna consider that a win.’ Well, congratulations A.J. You’re a bitch. How does it feel to be a pussy and get your draw?”

Agazarm’s response was to demand an apology, by posting it on Facebook.

Competition doesn’t BUILD character; it REVEALS character….and all of you saw Jake’s character revealed tonight…
As a member of the grappling community, I apologize for Jake Shields’ behavior…..
I know I’m speaking for everyone here when I call upon you to apologize for your unsportsmanlike behaviour, and to admit you were wrong….
Your “easy night” didn’t end in victory
I didn’t stall or run
I came right at you and
To the fans, Polaris is VIBRANT! They are revolutionizing the sport and getting it done. They are working for the community! There’s a reason why I’m here and you can count on me to always stand my ground and bring the show. Thank YOU all for a memorable night and another one for the record books.

It is not likely that Agazarm’s challenge on Facebook to Shield’s manhood will elicit an apology. Indeed, it is more likely the 500′ tall winged monkeys fly out his posterior.

Despite rules challenges, Polaris is at the forefront of driving professional grappling forward, and hugely deserves our support and respect. And you can watch the Polaris prelims replay for free right here!

Polaris Online

Thanks to the mighty Zombie Prophet for the characteristically stellar work with the vids!