Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Underground/MMA.tv does not condone fighting on the street. We always recommend trying to get yourself out of a situation, but sometimes it is unavoidable. In those cases, you should be prepared to defend yourself with a solid understanding of stand-up, wrestling, and the ground game.

In this video, a fat has broken out between two men in a trailer park. We do not know how the fight started or why, but it’s apparent neither is very versed in striking arts.

The video starts with the two exchanging sloppy punches. One man seems to be older and much larger than his opponent. The two end up in a clinch and the younger man eventually works to the back of his larger opponent. The younger fight takes the fight to the ground, but his lack of wrestling shows and he ends up on his back.

It’s here that we start to see some knowledge of ground fighting, as the younger smaller man starts to move his hips away and establish the guard position. This is a much safer position that when he was side mounted.

The larger man is holding tight to a head lock, but his opponent is able to free himself and scramble on top where he quickly takes mount. At this point he talks to his opponent, giving him the chance to quit, but the man struggles even trying to throw up a kick from the bottom of a terrible position.

As the larger man rolls over to his stomach, he quickly finds himself in an arm bar submission he is unable to escape. At this point, bystanders call an end to the fight.