Skinny 16-year-old kid vs HUGE 300lb guy – guess who wins?

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Out of all the martial arts out there for taking on a larger opponent, Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) reigns supreme above all, bar none.

This is because instead of trying to meet force with force, BJJ utilizes leverage and technique and was designed so that the more skillful, smaller man could beat a larger man and make it look easy doing so.

In the following video, we see a great example of a smaller guy overcoming a MUCH larger opponent using proper BJJ technique.

The smaller guy in this video is a very thin, 16-year-old kid who looks to be maybe 130lbs if that. That would place his 300lb opponent at more than twice his size! This should be an absolute mismatch on paper but like we see in the video, that’s not how this one goes down.

We see the skinny teenager is regulated to fighting off his back as a takedown against someone so much larger is next to impossible. Being so small and thin though means he is probably used to fighting off his back in the gym so surely he is comfortable there.

Starting BJJ being small and thin may seem rough at first but in the long run, it probably is better for your skill development. You are not going to be able to overpower anyone when rolling so you will naturally develop great technique in order to overcome much larger opponents just like we see here in this video.

Check out the video to see which submission ends the contest.

What’s also impressive about this video is that it is taking place in a grappling competition, not a street fight or backyard brawl. That means that his 300lb opponent has definitely trained and is not completely clueless (though judging from his technique here he most likely hasn’t trained for very long).

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