Monday, February 08, 2016

Sometimes injuries in MMA and grappling are cool to see. Think Matt Mitrione’s swollen eye. The completely bloody face of Diego Sanchez. Jon Jones’ disfigured toe.

Then there are injuries like this one — when pulling guard goes wrong. Really, really wrong.

UFC straw weight Angela “Your Majesty” Magana is in the black trunks in this video, competing in a grappling match against an unknown opponent.

The mother of all leg breaks
The mother of all leg breaks

You’ll never know her name, but the sounds of her shriek and the sickening snapping of bones will haunt you. But don’t be scared, homie.

The person running the camera asks, “Did you hear that?” Yes. Everyone heard it. The shriek and snap echoed throughout the gym, the sounds bouncing off the walls and into the ears of the very sparse crowd.

And I think you’ll agree with my assessment that this is one of the “uncool” injuries to see. A big hematoma? Cool. Dislocated finger? Way cool. But something like this injury is one you never want to see. It’s a freakish injury that rarely ever occurs. How many times has guard been pulled where nothing like this ever happens? A million? But unfortunately for this young lady it happened to her.

Watch it happen here:

We hope that she made a full recovery and found the courage to get back on the mats and grapple once again. And we hope that the Hot Pockets you just ate didn’t get spewed all over your phone or monitor after watching the gruesome video. But that would be your fault now, wouldn’t it? I mean, we made it clear in the title, right?

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