US Marine holds his own against two guys in grappling match

Monday, February 15, 2016

US Marines are known to be some of the toughest guys you’ll ever meet. That’s why it’s no surprise that when the challenge of a 2 on 1 grappling match is presented, this Marine doesn’t back down. He starts out with a great plan, to single out just one opponent and try to make him tap first. He latches onto a tight arm in guillotine choke but the other opponent doesn’t allow him the opportunity to finish it. By applying a quick rear naked choke, the lone marine has to release the guillotine in order to defend himself. The opponent applying the rear naked choke immediately sinks both hooks in and goes for the tap. The lone marine is miraculously able to break out of the choke but the two opponents continue to attack.

Eventually with one opponent isolating each of his arms, the lone Marine is forced to tap. It was a valiant effort that may have gone the other way if the loner was able to hold onto the guillotine for just a second longer. Great job, guys.

The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program is a combat system developed by the United States Marine Corps to combine existing and new hand-to-hand and close quarters combat techniques with morale and team-building functions and instruction in the Warrior Ethos. The program, which began in 2001, trains Marines (and U.S. Navy personnel attached to Marine units) in unarmed combat, edged weapons, weapons of opportunity, and rifle and bayonet techniques. It also stresses mental and character development, including the responsible use of force, leadership, and teamwork. [source: wiki]

Grappling refers to techniques, maneuvers, and counters applied to an opponent in order to gain a physical advantage, such as improving relative position, escaping, submitting, or injury to the opponent. Grappling is a general term that covers techniques used in many disciplines, styles and martial arts that are practiced both as combat sports and for self-defense. Grappling most commonly does not include striking or the use of weapons. [source: wiki]