Thursday, October 13, 2016

In this day and age style vs style type fights are pretty much goners in MMA. Today’s fighters are usually well-rounded in all facets of mixed martial arts and are able to hold their own wherever the fight goes.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the path MMA is currently taking, but I’m also a sucker for old-school style vs style type of fights, hence why I sometimes like to turn to straight grappling or kickboxing in order to get my fix in.

The following footage features a match between a wrestler and a BJJ specialist. Some feeling-out process is going on at the beginning but the longer the match goes on the clearer it becomes that the wrestler is being the more aggressive fighter.

The BJJ fighter, outmatched, had no choice but to resort to ‘butt-scooping’ in order to get the wrestler into his guard. But alas, the wrestler hits a smooth take down before landing a monstrous slam moments later!

The wrestler is awarded points by the referee; he’s already dominating the contest. The highlight of the wrestler’s performance comes in about two minutes into the contest as the wrestler scores another HUGE take down that is too much for the BJJ fighter, who gives up.

Wrestler vs BJJ specialist in heated matc
Wrestler vs BJJ specialist in heated match

Thorough performance by the wrestler. Of course, the outcome of this bout doesn’t necessarily mean that wrestling is a better or more effective martial art than Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Both are complementary really, and it’d be quite foolish and ignorant to claim that one is absolutely better than the other.

So take this bout for what it is. Two different fighters representing their favorite martial arts going at it in a heated, thrilling grappling contest. Sometimes wrestling specialists won, sometimes BJJ specialists do too. They rarely disappoint when it comes to excitement though.

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