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Dojo Storm: Random guy walks into MMA gym and challenges pro fighter (graphic)

Awesome impromptu commentary as guy walks in off the street, challenges Bellator MMA vet Jeremie Holloway, and seems to like the body shot; what came next not so much.
Random guy walks into MMA school, challenges pro-MMA fighter

Random guy walks into MMA school, challenges pro-MMA fighter

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There are lots of people out there who watch an MMA fight and think they have what it takes to get into the cage. Most of them simply lack the combat sports experience and understanding of what it actually takes.

This seems to be the case in the video below. A guy off the street walked into Fudoshin JuJitsu, MMA & Fitness and requested to fight one of their MMA fighters. The fighter happened to be Bellator MMA and Titan FC veteran, Jeremie Holloway. Eeks!

The fight seems to be boxing only, but perhaps the random guy just didn't know anything else and Jeremie decided to go with hands only to keep the guy safe…er.

As the fight starts, Jeremie puts his hand out to touch gloves as most MMA fighters do, to show respect and sportsmanship, but the random guy was having none of that.

I think you know what happens after that, but let's have a look to see how it plays out… Don't blink! It happens sort of like a tennis serve, in which the ball is tossed up and then hit. In this case, the head is knocked out, and then knocked flat.

Big props to the impromptu commentator with the infectious laugh.

Props too to some of the video comments:
•The guy recording needs to quit jiu-jitsu and become a radio host. He def has the voice for it.
•Nothing worse than getting knocked out by a guy in a Bill Cosby sweater.
•I love the announcer - "That was good walkin' in off the street and challengin' one of our guys. That takes some heart." The guy's laid out of the floor. LOL
•They should've outlined him with permanent paint. Use it as a disclaimer when the next guy decides to have a heartfelt moment.
•That guy just wanted a free place to crash for a while.
•"Delusions of greatness fall harder than stones." - Rocky Marciano
•It's better that this guy be bought to reality in this gym than in a bar or real fight. This guy did him a service by humanely kicking his rear. Not everybody has a set of rules in street fighting. 

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