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Kid sent into orbit during schoolyard fight

Kid sent into ORBIT during schoolyard fight
High school brawl ends violently

There isn’t much to say about this high school fight other than that it ended real abruptly and it ended in devastating fashion as some would say. A lot of the time we see high school fights where it’s a combination of flailing arms and skill-less combatants. But here we witness a high school that ends abruptly and with incredible force.

When we see the two students square up, it doesn’t take long for the slightly bigger student to try and get ahold of his opponent. He uses his hand to feint and quickly ties up with his opponent. At first he tries a trip but wasn’t able to get it.

Not letting go of his grip, he transitions behind the other kid while holding into a full body lock. This is where things turn nasty.

High school brawl ends violently

As he gets into position, he lifts up his opponent who is unable to loosen the grip and slams him down to the ground with a nasty suplex. From there it was over. There was no need to further damage the unconscious student who laid down on the ground motionless on his back.

The move was so devastating that one of the comments described it perfectly, "He pulled off Guile's suplex from Street Fighter lmao." It really did look like Guile's suplex from Street Fighter.

Even though violence is never the way to go, thankfully the student who did the slamming was smart enough to just stop while he was ahead. He walked away as if he just pulled a Mark Hunt type of KO. Other students eventually went over to check on the kid. Hopefully he didn’t receive any major injuries and learned his lesson from this fight.

It goes to show that you don’t need to be throwing punches or kicks to win and or end a fight. If someone has wrestling ability, it can go a long way in the form of self-defense and ending a brawl quickly.


Clyde Erwin Barretto is an emphatic obsessed fan of mixed martial arts, combat sports and body movement. Follow him on Twitter @ClydeBarretto.

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