Jiu-Jitsu protects guy from attack at a fast-food restaurant

Jiu-Jitsu protects guy from attack at a fast-food restaurant

This video was filmed at a Whataburger fast-food restaurant. We join the action with a drunk guy screaming at the staff about a cheeseburger he didn’t get but ordered.

He keeps screaming over and over again about it, getting more and more belligerent with every breath.

He continues to yell at the staff and then begins to yell at the patrons who are seated, eating their food, and minding their own business.

One guy was sitting by himself, eating his meal when the drunk guy started screaming at him too. The man started to reply but the drunk guy kept telling him to shut up, repeatedly.

The man-eating didn’t stop replying, though. He was talking in a calm voice, but perhaps poking fun at the drunk guy, saying something like “I have a cheeseburger and it’s great.”

The drunk guy didn’t seem to like that too much and kept calling the man out into the parking lot.

After several attempts to get the man outside, he decides to rush the seated man.

Before he could get to him, the man was able to get up. Just about the time the drunk man got to him, the other guy shot a leg takedown and brought the drunk guy to the ground.

Check out the Jiu-Jitsu action below.

The drunk guy’s friends even left him there because he was acting so idiotic. As you see in the video, the man he rushed knew some basic Jiu-Jitsu. He took the drunk man down and eventually got a side control position. After gaining control of the drunk man, the other man kept asking “Are you done fighting?” This went on for a while. Hopefully, the drunk guy learned his lesson.

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