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Joe Rogan demonstrating some bad@ss Taekwondo techniques

Joe Rogan demonstrates some POWERFUL Taekwondo kicks

Joe Rogan, the beloved UFC commentator, comedian, and podcaster has had a lot of success in different endeavors throughout his life but many people forget that he used to be a very high-level Taekwondo practitioner as a young man and even won the US Open Championship when he was just 19-years-old.

In this video we see Joe Rogan demonstrating some of those very cool Taekwondo techniques including an axe kick as well as a jumping front kick.

Joe also makes note of in the video alongside longtime pal and jiu-jitsu wiz Eddie Bravo, that there are still some major flaws in Taekwondo as a style though. For one, most competitions don't allow punching to the head or leg kicks.


Both head punches and leg kicks are some of the most effective strikes you can throw so to not include them in your style is a major flaw, especially if you ever have to fight someone like a Muay Thai practitioner who can do it all.

However, Joe points out that because of those limitations, Taekwondo practitioners get really good at different, unusual kinds of kicks like the ones we see Joe demonstrate in this video.

Joe demonstrates an axe kick a couple of different ways, both from the outside or inside, depending on your opponent's stance. Like Joe makes note of, you don't really see axe kicks too often and because of that, you may be able to sneak one in on an unsuspecting opponent.

Joe also demonstrates a jumping front kick to the body, which would surely floor anyone he landed it on. This kick could perhaps come in handy in a self-defense situation as, if you were good enough with it, you could easily kick someone to the ground with it and then escape to safety.


Another cool kick shown is a front kick to the liver and like the other kicks in this video seems very underutilized in modern MMA.

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