Guy uses perfectly executed Judo throw to end altercation

Sunday, April 03, 2016

In a street fight situation, a well-executed judo throw can catch an inexperienced opponent completely unaware, and quite literally shift the momentum in their favor, as the guy in this footage demonstrates.

The video begins with the two men squaring up to each other outside in a manner that suggests that they are about to get into a physical altercation.

The man to watch here is wearing a white top and black trousers. The first minor clue that he may have a background in Judo comes when he attempts to grab his taller adversary’s right sleeve – something he could use to help execute a throw.

Guy uses Judo throw to end altercation
Guy uses Judo throw to end altercation

The taller man with the black and white top and blue jeans doesn’t think much of it though, just shaking free of his grip in annoyance.

Soon after the Judoka then firmly grabs hold of his top instead, essentially what would be known as a lapel grip in Judo.

Again his opponent doesn’t appear to recognise the significance of this, and so he just grabs his rival in the same manner as if to say, “Look – I can do that too.”

The Judoka lets go of his hold for a moment, but almost immediately then grabs both the sleeve with his left hand and the lapel with his right at the same time – a ‘Morote’ (‘both hands’) grip.

The other man briefly breaks the lapel hold, but the Judoka instantly reapplies it, then finally unleashes what he’s been setting up the whole time – a Seoi Otoshi throw.

The technique is very similar to Seoi Nage, but the key difference between them is that with Seoi Otoshi the Judoka pulls the opponent straight to the mat rather than lifting them up, dropping to their knees as they do so.

In this instance it proves to be very effective, with his opponent left lying dazed on the floor afterwards, while he unleashes some ground and pound before other bystanders pull him away.