Judo practitioner finally snaps at abusive customer

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Martial arts are awesome.

‘Duh!’, you’re saying, and I understand your reaction. But I think it’s important to constantly remind ourselves of the benefits martial arts offer. On top of keeping you in tip top physical shape, martial arts are obviously the best way to defend yourself if a threatening or dangerous situation ever arises. Besides, regularly practicing martial arts provides a myriad of psychological benefits, from keeping you humble and down to Earth to making you calm and collected even during stressful times. Seriously, martial arts are freaking awesome.

The man wearing a light blue shirt in the following video is a Judo practitioner. It makes no doubt his experience in martial arts allowed him to stay collected even though he was physically assaulted, on top of defending himself, and you’ll soon understand why.

The footage starts in a supermarket with a customer being a threatening douchebag for no apparent reason. The judoka soon finds himself on the receiving end of a headbutt and a slap, and yet, he manages to keep calm and collected and doesn’t retaliate. He has phenomenal self-control. That’s what martial arts do for you.

Composed Judo practitioner finally snaps at abusive customer
Composed Judo practitioner finally snaps at abusive customer

The judoka’s behavior changes when the abusive customer’s assault escalates, though. The latter is walking down the judoka and gets way too close for his taste. The judoka dishes out a textbook Harai Goshi that puts the assaulter down. Soon another customer joins the fun and helps the judoka restrain the violent douchebag.

Martial arts are beautiful, aren’t they?

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