Perfectly executed Judo throw during news conference

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Judo is known as “the gentle way”, and as is the case with most martial arts, aims primarily to be used in self-defense situations.  This is not always the case however as martial arts also incorporates the latter half of the phrase “martial arts”.  Martial arts, contrary to most beliefs, is just that…an art.

Martial arts was develop primarily as a form of expression and then later as a form of self-defense.  In its latter form,  it has become most prominent and with the advent of the UFC, it has actually become an offensive tool which represents everything that it is not.  Martial arts, and more particularly Judo, is an art that is dignified by its gracious and smooth movements that are utilized in an attempt to de-escalate any situation that has evolved into a physical altercation.

In the video below we see a man that appears to simply be watching a news conference, however; things take a turn for the worst very quickly.  At some point in time during this interview the fan, whom is seen standing in front of the camera, seemingly does something wrong. At this point, another man appears to step in front of him and try to move him out of the way.

As we witness these events proceed it is evident, although the language being spoken is foreign to those of the English language, that the primary subject of the video is being removed against his will.


At this point, the subject of the video decides that enough is enough and that he must call upon his martial arts skills to de-escalate the situation and preserve his safety.

Jacob C. Stevens is a lifelong athlete and cerebral martial arts enthusiast who is also skilled in the art of linguistic manipulation, his published work, Afterthoughts and Handgrenades, can be found here…

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