Ronda Rousey takes on 3 men in judo competition on Japanese TV

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Before Holly Holm dethroned Ronda Rousey she held a dominant 12-0 record and virtually had cleaned out the entire division.

So naturally there was constant chatter of who was even left to challenge the then UFC Bantamweight Champion, but other than Cris Cyborg it seemed like options were limited.

As ridiculous and unpractical as it was, the conversation would start to include male fighters and how they would fare against ‘Rowdy’.

Ronda Rousey takes on 3 men in judo competition on Japanese TV
Ronda Rousey takes on 3 men in judo competition on Japanese TV

Ranging from the male 135lb division (whom Joe Rogan felt she could defeat at least 50% of), boxing great Floyd Mayweather (whom she did ‘beat’ for ESPY’s Fighter of the Year in 2015), former UFC Heavyweight kingpin Cain Velasquez “under the right circumstances” and even from UFC veteran Tank Abbott whom the latter offered a challenge and a prize of $100,000 with a stipulation she makes him a sandwich after defeat, it seemed there would be no end to the Ronda versus man conversation anytime soon.

But for those needing a Ronda vs Man fix look no further than her appearance on the Japanese game show Honoo No Taiiku – a show showcasing average people against dominant athletes in physical feats of strength. In September 2011 she would be matched up against three Japanese comedians Shigeo Takahashi, Shiro Tsubuyaki and Nezutchi, each vying to dethrone the then 3-0 MMA prospect and 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist.

“I feel it would be more fair if I fought all three at once, but I still think they’d have no chance.” says Ronda, but despite her suggestion they agree to fight her one at a time.

And predicably Ronda displayed utter dominance as the funny men fustily tried to survive. Shigeo and Shiro were dispatched in under 30 seconds but Nezutchi was able to stall for over a minute making for a combined time of 2:08 and giving Ronda Rousey the last laugh against the comedic trio.