Friday, May 13, 2016

A GoFundMe has been set up on behalf of Scottish Judoka Stephanie Inglis, by Khalid Gehlan.

Help Save Stephanie’s Life…

Stephanie Inglis, Scotlands Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth silver medalist in Judo, is currently in intensive care in a hospital somewhere in Vietnam receiving medical care. The Hospital cares more about who is paying for the medical bills than saving her and giving her the best care they can.

Less than 48 hours ago Stephanie was being taxied on a motor bike to a school in Vietnam where she has been teaching English to underprivileged children for the last 4 months. Somewhere along this journey her dress was caught in the wheel and she was dragged off from her seat at high speeds and received severe injuries to her brain.

The Hospital she was taken to should have immediately put her into and induced coma to give her brain the best chance to recover and heal. They should have also sent her immediately to another Hospital more specialized in dealing with head injuries and more suited to care for her… Unfortunately for the simple matter of her travel insurance having running out they decided her life is not worth saving.

Had it not been for her parents arriving when they did she would still be there without any hope of pulling through.

Stephanie’s parents have had to fight the doctors from turning off the life support machine, they have been told she has little chance to survive and a long recovery on the other side. Little chance is better than no chance and other people have pulled through from far worse odds. If anyone can pull through this its Stephanie.

She has been a fighter her whole life, following in her fathers footsteps and becoming an international athlete, competing for Great Britain all over the world, beating adversity, competing and winning a Silver medal in Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, fighting for her country and her dreams. Now she is fighting for her life.

Currently her medical care is costing £2000 per day, the Doctors are more concerned in explaining to her parents how much each machine costs to use and how much the medication they are giving her costs, rather than telling them how they are trying to save her and what hope she has.. Picture a person you love dearly in her shoes and you will only be touching the very tip of the iceberg with what her family are feeling right now.

For all those that have had the privilege and pleasure of being in Stephanie’s company you will know what a positive, kind hearted and caring person she is. And for all those that haven’t, just know that if you stole her last penny, she would smile at you and wish you all the best.

Help her and her family, its sad that saving a persons life is about how much money you have, but it seems that is the world we are in. Even if you cant donate send your thoughts out to her and her family and pass this message on to people you know.

Thank you

Khalid Gehlan

Help Save Stephanie’s Life…

An extra note from Mr. Gehlan

I have been asked to provide more details from the fund site in regards to the legitimacy of this fund and my involvement, I have also received some messages from people concerned that others may be hesitant to donate incase this was an elaborate phishing scam.

My name is Khalid Gehlan, I live in Falkirk, Scotland. Stephanie’s dad was my first Judo coach and a mentor to me for the next 20 years of my life, he set me well on my way to becoming the person I am today and achieving what I did in my sport, so little to some but so much to me. Stephanie went to the same high school as me and traveled that dreaded A9 journey 2-3 times a week from Inverness to Edinburgh for a 2 hour session.

Stephanie has been a life long friend of mine and many others. Once you are a friend of Stephanie’s you are a friend for life. The last I seen her was the week before she left on her new adventure when she came to say goodbye, excited and nervous for the new chapter in her life.

All the funds received will go directly to Stephanie’s family to cover her medical costs, her stay in the hospital, the costs of any treatments or procedures they attempt, her parents are there at her side and know better than anyone else what that money will be used for. Once the hospital treating her realizes the extent to which people have pulled together and the gracious donations they have put forward then hopefully the Hospital will change its attitude towards caring for her and her circumstances. I have recieved so many inspirational message from people who have had family members facing worse odds and have pulled through.

I thank you all for the donations you have given to help her and i know Stephanie would be bright red with embarrassment if she could see the support she was receiving. Its was almost a game too easily won to see who could make Stephanie go red with embarrassment first, something she learned to control as we got older, but the support she has been receiving would be overwhelming. And the thought of her lying there fighting for her life whilst her parents are fighting for her treatment is heartbreaking to myself and many others who have messaged over the last day. I ask for your continued support in helping Stephanie, your are all helping to save a young woman’s life.

Jacqueline Lisson (GER) – Stephanie Inglis (GBR) [-57kg] at 2014 European Open Women Glasgow, Scotland

Help Save Stephanie’s Life…

Help Save Stephanie’s Life…