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karate black belt vs pro-wrestler in brutal no-rules fight

Female wrestler vs karate expert GO AT IT in real no-rules fight! - #WOW
karate black belt vs pro-wrestler in brutal no-rules fight

karate black belt vs pro-wrestler in brutal no-rules fight

Right from the get-go, we see the wrestler is not afraid to strike and goes after her opponent pretty hard. We even see some stereotypical hair pulling which is not permitted in modern-day MMA. The wrestler is all over her at least early on and the karate practitioner doesn't have many answers. They wind up on the ground with the wrestler on top - not a good position to be in as a karateka.

It appears there may be some limited ground rules in effect as the camera skips forward and both are back on their feet. The karate fighter lands a decent strike finally but the wrestler clinches up and responds with knees. Strangely enough, the karate fighter shoots in for a double leg takedown. The technique is not good however and she doesn't get it.

The wrestler then gets her opponent in a guillotine choke, even lifting her off the ground with it appears, albeit momentarily. She falls to her back with it and I guess there is a time limit on ground action because they are quickly stood up once again.

Then in an interesting turn of events, the wrestler goes for a high kick and the karateka gets a suplex! Maybe they picked up the wrong uniforms before the match. The karate girl lands a couple of good elbows after that and some decent kicks on the ground as well but the wrestler winds up on top.

The wrestler ends up landing those hard knees in the clinch again which drops her opponent and she quickly goes for the armbar but her opponent hangs tough and is saved by the bell.


The rest of the match involves the wrestler continuing to take her opponent down and the karate fighter not being able to get off many effective strikes despite the favorable rules. The bout goes the distance with the wrestler being the clear victor.

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