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Watch: Bruce Lee vs Donnie Yen - legends fight in 'A Warrior’s Dream'

What would happen if two of history's most iconic martial artists clashed in battle?
Watch: Bruce Lee vs Donnie Yen - legends fight in 'A Warrior’s Dream'

Watch: Bruce Lee vs Donnie Yen - legends fight in 'A Warrior’s Dream'

Aptly titled ‘A Warrior's Dream', this 3D animation is a tribute to Donnie Yen and Bruce Lee— realized and created by talented animation teacher Li Jin, who also happens to be a passionate martial arts enthusiast. With an uncanny level of realism, this feature simulates what a fight between the two legendary martial artists could look like.

The video begins with Donnie Yen training alone in a gym when he’s unexpectedly swarmed by a group of armed assailants. He dispatches them swiftly but soon discovers that his final opponent is none other than the great Bruce Lee.

It’s not long before the two become entangled in a beautifully rendered dance of death, but as you may expect from the title, all is not what it seems in this battle of eras. Yen soon realizes that it was only but a dream, and with a bittersweet sense of longing, he looks admiringly at a picture memorializing his hero on the wall in front of him— knowing that this is the closest that destiny will ever allow them.

About Creator Li Jin:

Li Jin is a digital artist and 3D animation teacher. He started to teach 3D animation courses at the Communication University of China since he graduated from there. Jin wrote three books on animation, including Photorealistic Character Advanced Emotion and Skinning, Photorealistic Character Advanced Rigging, and 3D Digital Animation I- Modeling and Material. He has also joined some animation projects such as the 2008 Olympic Mascots Promo and Kungfu Bunny 3. A Warrior's Dream was his independent work and it took him three years to complete the tribute project. Not only did he capture the likeliness seamlessly, but also the signature moves are spot-on.

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