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Man vs. Woman in MMA fight

Check out this short video of a man vs. a woman inside the cage. She can bang!
Woman fights man in MMA cage

Biologically, a male of equal size against a female will always have an advantage. Men were built to be the hunter. Their bodies were meant to use larger muscles and to do much more physical tasking jobs. Women were meant to be the gatherer. But in this video, a woman fighting a man of equal size inside a MMA cage proves that times have changed.

In what looks to be a Bulgarian MMA gym (there is a logo for Dimitrov MMA inside the top cage), a woman with long blonde hair was pit against a fairly young looking male around her size.

Once the bell rings, she does not hesitate to start swinging for the fences. But don’t think they’re just wild flailing punches. She throws a one two combination, where the right is more like an overhand and then initiates the clinch. From there she actually trips her opponent landing in full-mount. For the time being, her opponent just held on not allowing her to posture up.

Woman looks impressive against man in MMA cage

She is eventually reversed. But the two were stood up as they were in a neutral position for some time without any offense happening.

When the two squared off again, she landed a hard right roundhouse kick to his open ribs, throws a kick to his head and has he pressured forward, she threw another left roundhouse kick that also landed to his opening rib area. She then initiates the clinch once again where she secured a Thai plum and landed numerous knees to her opponent’s midsection.

The whole fight itself was short. But the woman showed incredible grit and was not afraid to throw down with her opponent.

As the sport of MMA has become more popular, more and more women have also taken up the sport and the martial arts aspects of it. It’s made them stronger and tougher mentally. So if you’re a chauvinistic male, be careful.

Clyde Erwin Barretto is an emphatic obsessed fan of mixed martial arts, combat sports and body movement. Follow him on Twitter @ClydeBarretto.

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