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School bully gets way too close

School bully gets WAY too close - pays for it!
middle school bully knockout

We’re used to seeing high school fights, bullies on the streets and in schools. But rarely do we get to see what happens in our middle schools. If you were a normal kid growing up in America, you know that bullying stems from the youngest of ages to the earliest of grades. But in this case we get to see a middle school bully getting what he deserves after he couldn’t back up what he was spouting off.

In a crowded hallway of kids, there are two in the middle. Let’s call one grey and the other red. The one with the grey hooded sweatshirt has face all up in the one with the red hooded sweatshirt. You can hear him saying “I’ll punch you in the head, I’ll punch you in the head.” Then you see him put his hand over red’s face.

Without hesitation, red quickly retaliates with an overhand right which drops grey with a quickness. You see him drop all the way to the wall and red follows him over. Intelligently, red decides not to follow up on the cocky middle schooler who can’t protect himself on the ground.

middle school bully knockout

Eventually when grey gets back up he tries to man up but even backed down. He got what he deserved as red was stating “you was in my face, you was in my face.” And he got that correct. Grey instigated the whole situation and got put in his place.

The best part about this video isn’t even the knockdown. It was the crowd around the two kids in complete surprise and shock of seeing someone getting punched in the face and getting knocked down. If you listen to the audio in the end you hear a kid saying that grey “got his a** dropped.” He sure did.

Clyde Erwin Barretto is an emphatic obsessed fan of mixed martial arts, combat sports and body movement. Follow him on Twitter @ClydeBarretto.

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