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MMA skills prove effective against multiple attackers

MMA skills prove effective against multiple attackers

It’s typically mindless entertainment when watching these street fights and schoolyard brawls. But sometimes when you are watching these street fights and schoolyard brawls you can actually take away some bits of learning and see the effective of MMA in the street.

This video starts off with a taller guy in a blue shirt who seems to be the most skilled of the group. He starts off by handling his opponent with a few big punches that send the dude to the ground and he lands a “Pride” style kick to the face. The kicked opponent gets up and tries to throw some shots, but the blue-shirted guy is able to scan the area and land a couple straight punches followed by some great Thai knees to the body.

The two separate they start throwing some punches, it’s hard to tell if a punch lands, but the blue-shirted guy falls back and hits the ground and his opponent follows him down. When the two hit the ground the taller guy throws up a few kicks and his opponent follows him down to the ground where he immediately transitions into an armbar/triangle position. The video ends but there was a lot to take away from this.



When dealing with a large ground of opponents in a group that you may not know who is an opponent and who is not. Watch how he keeps his hands up and his down as he scans to his left and right to make sure there are no cheap shots. The short foot movements of his keep him in a good position, but also the ability to keep his eye on his opponent and choose the right time to strike.

Straight Punches

Straight punches will always be a great option in any fight as they become your offense and defense at the same time. Keeping your chin down and throwing tight straight punches are very safe and leave your chin more guarded then throwing wild looping and hook-like shots. We see the man in blue keep good position and send straight punches to the head and retreat the hands right back to where they began, at the chin. Impressive stuff.

Thai Plum Position

The “Thai Plum Position” is a common tie-up position where you lock your hands around the opponents’ neck and use the control of the neck and head to manipulate the body to land knee strikes to the head and body. This works very well in street fighting and self-defense situations, it just depends on your area and style of fight you are in. This is similar to when you have an opponent in the corner of a boxing ring or up against a cage in an MMA fight, the use of the Thai Plum position along with having something to drive your opponent against is a great tool.

Active Guard

The use of an active guard in this fight was the crucial fight ender. While the larger man went down, he was very active from the bottom position, throwing up kicks and not sitting there to be hit. Look how he immediately grabs control of one of the arms and throw his legs up to go for either a triangle or an armbar and eventually lands himself in an armbar.


Although we are not able to see the ending of this fight, there were so many great techniques that were used. As cool as all of the techniques are, this video shows us the practical uses of MMA techniques in a street fight. So, stay well rounded and sharp in your techniques because you never know when you will need to use, and who is videotaping as well.

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