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Muay Thai fighter vs. group of Capoeira fighters on streets of Brazil

A group of Capoeira practitioners gang up on a Muay Thai fighter on the streets of Brazil.
Muay Thai fighter vs. group of Capoeira fighters on streets of Brazil

Muay Thai fighter vs. group of Capoeira fighters on streets of Brazil

The truth is, a lot of street fights are usually unfair. We tend to see these one-on-one street fights, but a lot of the time, an actual unplanned street fight ends in a situation where one has more friends and those friends will help defend their compadre. In what is possibly the streets of Brazil, a group of Capoeira practitioners gang up on what seems to be a practitioner of the kickboxing fighting art of Muay Thai.

Off the bat, the action begins. We see two men sizing each other up. One is an obvious Capoeira practitioner as we see the usual garb that they wear. It’s usually a loose fitting pair of pants along with a chord that wraps around it to demonstrate what level of practice they’ve achieved. The shirt they were is usually optional and tends to represent what gym they’re from.

As the two fighters are in their stances getting ready to fight, we can see that there are other Capoeiristas in the vicinity. When the two engage, it is the “Muay Thai practitioner” that starts things off. While backing up, he throws right low roundhouse kicks. They don’t really seem to hit the mark as he keeps wobbling back.

Eventually, we see the Capoeirista putting up his hands as if to say that he wants to stop fighting. But he quickly throws a punch which has the other reacting with a fast low roundhouse kick. Unfortunately, the Capoeirista catches the kick with his left hand and counters with a right hand and has the other fighter falling to his back. The Capoeirista then follows up with punches to the downed opponent.

Soon after, this is where things get chaotic. They let the downed fighter up, but then one of the other Capoeiristas slaps him in the back of the head. Soon after they’re back at it again with the Capoeiristas trying to fight the person that they just all ganged up on.

The so-called "Muay Thai" fighter is gutsy in trying to take on that whole group. But it's a good thing the Capoeiristas knew to eventually just walk away from his lunacy.


Clyde Erwin Barretto is an emphatic obsessed fan of mixed martial arts, combat sports and body movement. Follow him on Twitter @ClydeBarretto.