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Raging bodybuilder storms gym to take on black belt and female student - ends badly

Raging bodybuilder storms gym to take on black belt and female student - ends badly
Raging bodybuilder storms gym

Bad intentions are not often the best intentions when you storm into a gym full of trained martial artists to settle a beef.

The hotheaded bodybuilder starring front and center here is seen entering the gym as if to make amends with the BJJ black belt instructor as he extends his hand as though to apologize. Questions arose around the legitimacy of the contest from some quarters, however ...

The instructor is quick to pick up that this apology is not of the sincere variety and easily evades the intended cheap shot that follows. After taking his antagonist down to the mat, the BJJ instructor seizes complete control over the bodybuilder and proceeds to slap the ever loving sh*t out of him.

No dignity is spared here when the instructor appoints his female student to get in on the action. The humiliated bodybuilder seems somehow fearful while writing her off and telling her to “get back into the kitchen”, but to the surprise of absolutely no one, she crushes what’s left of his machismo when she takes his back and chokes him unconscious.

The martial artists attempt to aid their antagonist out of concern, but when he snaps back into consciousness, he goes on the attack once more. Hilarity reaches new heights when he gets the ever loving sh*t slapped out of him a third time consecutively.

Raging bodybuilder storms gym

At this point, the bodybuilder, who is now a broken husk of the man who entered the gym with his chest puffed out, is painted in red hand prints from all of the b*tch slaps he received. Fittingly, the video concludes with him pleading the members in to attendance to call 911 on his behalf.


Shawn Cooper is a former editor at, and current freelance writer, video editor, musician and suspected samurai jedi knight. On top of being an avid combat sports fan, he trains as a martial artist in boxing and Muay Thai.

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