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Guy walks into gym, challenges UFC Hall of Famer

UFC fighter accepts REAL fight challenge from fan
Former UFC fighter accepts real fight challenge from fan

Random MMA fan calls out Josh Koschek, and shows up!!?!

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Long before he became a UFC Hall of Famer, Josh Koscheck was training for a rematch of sorts vs, Diego Sanches at UFC 69. With no warning. Koschek was challenged to fight by fan, and the fool actually showed up! Be careful what you wish for ...

Kos won via the fan fight via trip to nation we all now. Was Unanimous a Decision.

In the end, the challenger said that his lack of cardio was a huge factor in how things went. A few less donuts and a few more laps around the kiddie table and someone who doesn't train could take  one of the top fighters in the world.


You can see what happened for yourself.


In an interview with Dan Stupp from MMAJunkie, Josh talked about the experience.

Dann: Thanks for granting me the interview. I'm sorry I missed your call earlier.
Josh Koscheck: No problem. Things got a lot a little crazy today. I had a video crew at AKA and had to fight this guy.

Dann: Wait. Are you serious?
Josh Koscheck: I swear to God.

Dann: Who was he?
Josh Koscheck: I don't know. Some clown from Los Banos, California. He and a couple of friends rolled up on some street bikes and came into the gym. We geared him up, and he fought me in Dickies jeans, and I about broke his arm. So yeah, I got some training in for Diego today. He thought he was a badass. It was funny as hell.

Dann: What did he say afterward? How did this even come about?
Josh Koscheck: The whole story is, basically, I guess I met this guy at some appearance. And he said, "Hey, I want to come up there and fight with you. If I beat your ass, I'll get in the UFC." I'm like, Yeah, OK. Sure, I guess. Whatever. It's not like it works like that.

So I blew it off, you know, and the next couple weeks, he started calling my kickboxing coach, Javier Mendez. He's like, "Hey, is Josh Koscheck there?" He hands me the phone and I ask him what's up. The guy's like, "This is so-and-so." I don't even remember his name, and he tells me he's ready to come up there and fight me.

I said, "You're ready to come here and fight me? You know where the gym is, right?" It's in San Jose. AKA. You can look it up on my Web site or their Web site."

So the guy shows up today. I'm like, Holy ****, this guy is ****ing getting it. It's on. We had him sign a waiver, Bob Cook refereed it, and I about broke his arm with an armbar and about knocked him out.

So yeah. That was pretty interesting. Fun day.

Dann: Well, hmm. Uhhh...
Josh Koscheck: Yeah. Crazy, huh?

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