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Joe Rogan and UFC legend Mark Coleman in playful scuffle at UFC 203

Joe Rogan gets into playful scuffle with UFC legend Mark Coleman
Joe Rogan and UFC legend Mark Coleman in playful scuffle at UFC 203

Joe Rogan and UFC legend Mark Coleman in playful scuffle at UFC 203

Horsing around and play fighting can be fun in the right circumstances. Things can often get out of hand however and you never know if someone is going to take it the wrong way and get upset or possibly even get hurt.

In this YouTube video, we see color commentator and podcaster extraordinaire Joe Rogan involved in a little scuffle with former UFC Heavyweight Champion Mark 'The Hammer' Coleman and though it appears like it was in good fun it got a little out of hand at the end.

It's not fair to speculate and I have no idea but there is a possibility that alcohol could have been a factor in Coleman's behavior here. Rogan appears passive at first like he doesn't want to horse around but Mark keeps badgering him. Again, the most likely scenario was just horsing around between two friends.

Eventually, it seems like Rogan has enough though and arm drags Coleman and briefly gets his back.

"He's too f****** big," Rogan says playfully in an attempt to diffuse the situation. Coleman then grabs him by the throat and shoves him into a wall which was going a bit too far. They hug it out at the end however and it appears like everything is cool between them.


Mark Daniel Coleman (born December 20, 1964) is a retired American mixed martial artist, professional wrestler, former NCAA collegiate wrestler, and former Olympic amateur wrestler. Known as The Hammer, he was the UFC 10 and UFC 11 tournament champion, the first UFC Heavyweight Champion, and the Pride Fighting Championships 2000 Open Weight Grand Prix champion. At UFC 82 Coleman was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Coleman is credited with proving the ability of wrestlers to dominate in the developing sport of mixed martial arts, and with being one of the first in American MMA to successfully use the strategy that he coined; ground-and-pound, earning him the distinction as "The Godfather of Ground & Pound". [Source: Wiki]

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