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Small loudmouth begs bigger guy to hit him

Small loudmouth BEGS bigger guy to hit him
Small loudmouth BEGS bigger guy to hit him

Small loudmouth BEGS bigger guy to hit him

We may have all been there for scenes like this one. Seeing two guys arguing and one guys keeps telling the other guy to hit him. Not the best move or tactic in a fight, but an extremely common one. I don’t tell someone to hit you me the face, I like my face. But, people love to justify a fight by having someone else start it, that’s why fighting is unique because you can choose your own tactics. This being one of the worse choices.

But being from Long Island, a lot of my crew was Italian-Americans, you may know them as Guidos. These groups of people love to fight with each other over the littlest thing, and immediately become the coach of their opponent, telling them to “hit me”. This tactic and line are most commonly their go-to move, but not this time.

Small loudmouth BEGS bigger guy to hit him

Small loudmouth BEGS bigger guy to hit him

To catch you up on this fight, it seems like these two guys got into a pre-camera altercation where the blanketed dude hit the angry dude in the face. . Not the the guy who is angry wants a second chance to redeem himself. But he also has a bottle in his hand and has threatened to “cut” him up with the bottle and “lay him out”.

Surprisingly the guy on the left has still chosen to keep his hands down and stay calm during all of these threats. You can see the frustration of the dude on that left that he can’t believe that he is

even in the conversation. In one last attempt to get punched in the face, the guy on the right begged for it and said “do something!”, and well, he did. A well-timed swift right hand to the jaw dropped the kid to the ground and cued the much needed gangsta music for the occasion.

Now the fight should have been over, and it kind of was, but this guy has no quit in him and is one of those guys that probably gets knocked out often. But he gets up once, falls down, gets up again and says “So you’re gonna get mad ‘cause I beat your ass”, then falls again.


The moral of this story is - don’t be like this dude.

  1. You shouldn’t tell someone to hit you. Because they just may.
  2. Choose your battles wisely. Fighting seems fun and it is, but remember that
  3. After you get knocked out remember that you may be a bit dizzy when you get up.
  4. Be aware during an altercation in 2016 that you may be filmed and end up online for all the world to see, so don’t be a dick.

So remember, if you tell someone to hit you, they may actually do that.

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