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Taekwondo blackbelt vs. kickboxer - ends unexpectedly

Taekwondo vs kickboxing does NOT go as expected

Most of the time when pure Taekwondo practitioners compete against legitimate kickboxers it doesn't go very well for the TKD guys.

While Taekwondo certainly has some powerful kicking techniques and many MMA fighters even come from Taekwondo backgrounds, there are still a lot of holes in the style that a competitive level kickboxer is usually going to pick apart.

In taekwondo competitions and sparring, punches to the head are not allowed. This can give many practitioners a false sense of security when throwing their kicks and makes them susceptible to head punches if they ever compete under different rules especially against kickboxers.


However, in this video of a mixed-rules fight between a TKD practitioner and an alleged kickboxer, it does not end quite like you'd expect.

Early on in the match, we see the kickboxer land some good, effective strikes. The Taekwondo guy, on the other hand, is throwing extravagant kicks like the spinning back kick and even an axe kick but they don't really land.

Surprisingly enough though from out of nowhere the Taekwondo practitioner, perhaps sensing his opponent may have been hurt, starts to pour it on his opponent, blasting him with an onslaught against the wall of what looks to be a racquetball court.

In an interesting turn of events, it is actually the taekwondo practitioner who finishes the contest with a knee strike and in rather brutal fashion too. The knee strike lands to the kickboxer's head and drops him instantly, forcing him to tap out on the hardwood floor from the blow.


Due to the hard floor surface, it could have ended a lot worse for the kickboxer though as getting knocked out could result in hitting your head off of the hard floor which could have disastrous consequences. Though it may seem like a cool environment to film this in, a matted surface would be much safer.

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