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The fastest KO in kickboxing history

Ian Jacobs' shocking stoppage win over The Headhunter broke a record held for 17 years by Stan Longinidis.
The fastest KO in kickboxing history

The fastest KO in kickboxing history

Few occurrences in sport, if any, conjure up the same excitement as a knockout. Kickboxing has had its fair share of fast finishes, and none quicker than Australian striker Ian Jacobs' shocking stoppage win over The Headhunter at Tarik Solak's A-1 8-man eliminator tournament in 2009. The KO broke a record held for 17 years by the great Stan "The Man" Longinidis.

Jacobs catches his opponent clean less than two seconds into the bout, spearing his man with a jumping push kick to the body. Despite it being extremely rare to see a fight end by way of this technique, the push kick folds Jacobs' unfortunate opponent, who is left on the canvas clutching his body in the moments following the Australian legend's career-defining performance.

"From the age of six, Ian knew, claimed and set his first life goal to be Champion of the World," explains "Studying almost every style of combat over many years, he devoted his life to this quest and stepped out of the ring voted Pound for Pound Australia’s greatest kickboxer of all time and an undisputed World Champion. In Ian’s comeback fight in 2009 he set a new world record for the fastest KO in history 1.8 seconds."

This is what it looked like.


One of the greatest Australian kickboxers ever, the now retired Jacobs is a lifelong martial artist who currently works as a martial arts trainer, motivational speaker, and international bodyguard.

Jacobs' website lists his numerous career accomplishments:

Undisputed Triple World Champion Kickboxing & Thai Boxing World W.K.A Champion
World – Intercontinental W.K.A champion
World I.S.K.A Champion
10 x state, national & international titles

1996 – I.K Hall of Fame
2008 – I.S.K.A Hall of Fame
2013 – Qld. Muay Thai Hall of Fame

World’s fastest KO 1.8 seconds on the 11.11.2009

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