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Two guys bully an old man and regret it instantly

Two attackers who thought they'd found an easy target, get destroyed by one old man.
Two attackers swing on an old man; one has a weapon - both take a NAP

Two attackers swing on an old man; one has a weapon - both take a NAP

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Based on the evidence provided here, the old man defending himself against two attackers in this video should register his right hand as a deadly weapon.

The footage, captured by an onlooker from a nearby balcony, begins with a verbal confrontation between the old man and a younger individual wearing a baseball cap.

The younger man starts the physical altercation by slapping the older man in the face, not once, but twice.

That prompts the older gentleman to raise his fists in order to defend himself, and the two then briefly circle each other.

Technical Breakdown

The old man is in a basic orthodox stance, with his hands up and hips at around 45 degrees. As the bully moves in, the old man fades back slightly and then counters with a big straight right to the chin, timed so the unfortunate moves into it. The bully is instantly knocked out, and falls to the concrete with an audible thud. 

Thankfully the old man shows some restraint and doesn’t continue to beat on his attacker as he’s out cold, and indeed would remain so for the remainder of the video. Thankfully the attacker did not die. Fighting in a hard surface can lead to serious bodily injury and even death.

At this stage, it appears that the incident is over. However, just as things are cooling down another man in a red shirt then appears wielding a metal tool as a weapon.

The stakes are raised now, but as it turns out the old man is more than up to the challenge, despite the odds now being further stacked against him.

As the attacker swings at him, the old man, again in an orthodox stance, again with hips around 45 degrees, again uses deft head movement, this time a slip, to avoid under the arc of the incoming blow, again then uncorks that piston-like straight, and again drops the second assailant hard on his butt.

Bystanders then intervene to ensure there’s no further fighting between the two men, and presumably, if there were any other attackers waiting in the wings then they think better of it and bid a hasty retreat rather than attempting to go toe-to-toe with this elderly assassin!


SAFETY WARNING: Fighting on the street can lead to deadly repercussions, from a blow, and perhaps even more so from a fall. Pride is not worth killing someone over, nor is dying. When faced with a situation similar to the one seen above, always try to escape safely and or de-escalate.