Bare knuckle gypsy fight between feuding families gets bloody FAST

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Bare knuckle boxing is a big part of Irish gypsy or traveler culture and is used as a way to settle disputes between individuals or oftentimes entire families.

This YouTube video from the 2011 documentary ‘Knuckle’ features nicknamed ‘The King of the Travelers’ and star of the film James Quinn Mcdonagh settling a long-standing beef with Paddy Joyce.

“There’s been bad blood between the families going back twenty years,” Mcdonagh states before the fight. “The families don’t like each other. It’s the safest way to sort things out. I can honestly say that I hate this man and a lot of his people.”

His opponent, Joyce, goes into the beef further just before the action starts. “I want to say one thing on camera, your brother Paddy is the cause of all of this.” He then makes reference to an alleged murder which takes this beef to another level.

The referee asks them if they want to shake hands beforehand; not a chance. The action starts at the one minute and thirty-second mark with both combatants circling each other. James Quinn is the first man to land with a fast flurry of punches including several hard uppercuts.

Paddy Joyce gets dropped two minutes into the video. It is evident that Mcdonagh is the vastly superior fighter. He’s landing everything he throws. All Joyce can do is grab a hold of him to try to tire him out.

It starts to get ugly when Mcdonagh complains of biting by his opponent which may be out of severe frustration as he’s getting beat up bad and dropped left and right as the fight goes on.

Eventually, the organizers have to call a stop to the fight as Paddy Joyce is covered in blood and completely out of the fight, though he was never really in it, to begin with.