Big vs. Small in Gypsy bare-knuckle fight – ends in dangerous KO

Monday, April 08, 2019

Bare-knuckle fights have long been used to settle disputes in the gypsy community, and on this occasion, the argument, and indeed one of the fighters, was laid to rest by way of a brutal knockout.

The fight takes place on a quiet country lane, temporarily blocked off by two cars, and features two men, named as Martin and Brian Ward, though it’s not clear who is who.

One of the fighters, wearing a white Adidas t-shirt and grey joggers has a huge height and weight advantage over his opponent, but it seems that it’s actually the smaller man in the red and blue shorts who is more eager to fight.

As the fight gets underway the taller man quickly finds his range and puts together a combination, landing a straight right, followed by an uppercut, then a one-two, and finishes up with another uppercut.

Under fire, the smaller man backs up so much that they are told to reset in the middle of the lane, with a few people watching from the sidelines calling for the fighters to just shake hands and end the fight.

The bigger man lands an uppercut and then another punch that knocks his opponent off-balance, sending him falling backward onto his butt.

Picking himself back up, the smaller man again ignores to just shake hands and throws himself back into the fray.

There’s an exchange at close range, with the smaller man grazing his rival with a right hook and eating a solid uppercut in return.

“You don’t need to shake hands lads, but it’s the best thing to do” … comes the advice from someone off-camera, but it falls on deaf ears.

More punches fly off-target from both fighters, though the smaller man does land a couple of short punches, albeit without any real power behind them.

There’s a lull in the action and it looks like the fight may fizzle out, but then the two men start arguing.

The taller man is heard saying, “I didn’t even know you… I never knew you.” which gives the impression that he doesn’t really want to fight, but his opponent is having none of it and wants to continue.

He then wades forward with his head low, swinging wildly up at his larger opponent’s head, and he does connect a few times.

The taller man wipes his nose and spits out some blood, and then the two are back to arguing again as he continues to insist he doesn’t know his rival.

The smaller man is adamant that he does, and that he’s been purposely avoiding him, and so he again demands that they continue fighting.

He gets what he wants, and it proves to be a bad move on his part though, as soon after he comes charging forward with a flurry of strikes, only to be caught with an uppercut that sends him falling onto the road.

He gets back up quickly, rather than taking some time to clear the cobwebs. Just seconds later his rival lands a straight right that lays him out stiff on the roadside, with blood coming from his nose and scalp, and so the fight comes to an abrupt and violent end.

At first glance, this seemed like an unfair fight given the big size discrepancy between them, but it’s hard to feel sorry for the smaller man here since he appeared to be the instigator of the confrontation, and turned down multiple opportunities to end the feud amicably before he was KO’d.