8th degree BJJ black/red belt deals with guy who tried to grope his daughter

Thursday, April 11, 2019

On the following video, one person commented that the lesson to be learned is: ‘don’t mess with the wrong guy’s daughter.’ I suppose that’s true – don’t mess with daughters period for that matter… or anyone really… but ESPECIALLY not a martial arts legend’s daughter.

Rener Gracie posted this clip on Instagram: it shows BJJ legend Pedro Sauer punishing a crackhead in Greece who allegedly tried to grope his daughter.

According to the Gracie Academy Facebook page, the story is as follows: The man tried to grab Pedro’s daughter while they were in a large crowd. He runs away but Pedro’s wife points out the man sitting on a bench nearby. The video picks up with Pedro and his friend approaching the man on the bench. They wrist lock him until he cries out and then they punch him in the gut.

There’s been a lot of controversy about the ethics displayed here. Are the actions of Pedro and his friend warranted? Some say no, that they just beat up a crackhead. Some say it was justice and a lesson about taking advantage of young women. Either way, as Rener Gracie said, the man had “no idea how bad his punishment could have been.”

Pedro Sauer is an 8th-degree Brazilian jiu-jitsu coral belt and a former student of the legendary Rickson Gracie. Pedro Sauer is revered as one of the pioneers of the gentle art in the United States, having moved to the northern hemisphere country in the early 1990s. Since arriving, Master Sauer has captured a legion of followers through lectures and workshops as well as for his skill as an instructor, having developed several high-level black belts of his own. In 2005 he was voted by an online poll as the “Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor” in the world. [Source: BJJ heroes]