Bodybuilder walks into gym – challenges instructor to a fight

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

So many people out there fail to realize the significant advantage a trained martial artist possesses over your average untrained Joe. Someone who dedicates such a large portion of their lives to martial arts training is obviously going to way better than somebody who does not, but many people don’t seem to get this.

In this video from Italy, we see someone who clearly doesn’t understand that fact and he ends up paying for it quite dearly.

What looks to have occurred here is that this muscle guy wandered in off the street and challenged this martial arts instructor to a fight. Now, many people out there get confused when it comes to muscles and fighting and automatically think that just because you carry around some muscle mass and look good, that means you can fight as well.

What we see in this video and many other similar instances, is that muscle mass really doesn’t have anything to do with fighting ability and that proper technique and training are what really counts.

There is even an argument to be made that carrying around a lot of muscle makes you more quickly to tire in a fight which would make it more of a hindrance than anything.

In the below video, we can see right away as soon as the martial arts instructor throws the first low kick that he is the much better fighter. But, surprisingly, the muscle guy’s return low kick actually looks pretty good too for someone untrained. However, unlike the instructor, the bodybuilder shows his inexperience by dropping his hands when he throws it and he eats a big punch because of it.

But that’s just a taste of what’s to come for the muscle guy as the instructor lands an absolutely BRUTAL strike shortly after that you can see in the above video.